This is my second blog in a series of blogs highlighting some of the 2020 Swag Trends, so be sure to visit the past blog to find out the “Showstopper” item of the year if you haven’t already!

With that said, let’s get right into it…

I started my first business in college (Chico Feet) and giving back was the foundation of the business model. Well, if you haven’t heard of MiiR then I’ll proudly be the first to introduce you to this amazing company!
Thank you to the commonsku team for sharing their mission with us at the annual skucon event!

Before we get into MiiR’s mission, I want to remind you that the best way to learn more about these or any other Swag items is to email me directly at or visit our website at 😉

Mission Driven Award: Miir

MiiR is a company that offers primarily drinkware but also some bags as well as apart of their new line. They are so much more than a product company because every single MiiR product sold helps fund trackable giving projects.

It’s one thing to say you give back, but MiiR takes it to the next level with informing their customer base of their constant mile stones. On their website, you’ll see that as of the time of writing this at least… they have donated more than 1 MILLION dollars in over 26 countries!

On top of that, each product has a “give code” that you can register on their website to see the exact impact that same product will have around the world!

If you’re excited like me and want to get involved with MiiR then you can check out the complete line of items we offer from MiiR by visiting this link from our factory partner at Gemline. Be sure to email us directly for quotes, samples or any other questions (

I’m personally pumped to be representing a line like MiiR! In addition to this line we have others like the Basecamp project that supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and of course PromoCares – our industry’s collection of products that are tied to giving back!

If you’re specifically looking for products that directly give back to non-profits, or would like to partner with us to give back to your favorite non-profit then please send me an email directly ( 

Be sure to stay in touch as well because we’ll be highlighting more products from the 2020 Swag Show in the next blog!

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