Your Swag shows you care about your clients, customers, or employees. But choose the right swag and you can also show that you care about civilization as a whole, future generations, and the very planet we live on. So, let’s check out the top 10 sustainable swag ideas to give your marketing the green touch!

1. Wireless Speaker

Cool gadgets don’t have to be high-tech, as this handcrafted wireless speaker proves. You can groove along to your tunes without Bluetooth, WiFi, batteries, or even electricity. The specially designed cavity naturally amplifies and enhances the sound from your smartphone. It also looks pretty sharp with its sleek beeswax finish and minimalist design.  

2. Clima Insulated Bottle

Insulated water bottles are a great eco-friendly swag idea. Not only are they reusable, cutting down on plastic production and waste, but they’re also 100% free from BPA, phthalates, and toxins. Made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel they are ideal for storing soups or beverages, hot (up to 12hours) or cold (up to 24 hours). The sleek and compact design with a leak-proof silicone seal lid makes them easy to carry without any spillages.

3. ECO Beanie

These unisex ECO Beanie hats feature recycled fibers and a super cozy fleece lining. Clothing items from recycled materials use less energy and water as well as reducing waste. These waffle knit beanie hats come in multiple solid colors so you can easily find a match to your brand colors while staying “green”.

4. Geizeer, the Eco-Friendly Cooler

Another cool wooden lo-tech gadget that will impress your eco-conscious consumer. The Geizeer is an eco-friendly cooler and perfume diffuser. A bit of an odd function-combo, but hey, that just means a swag product that will appeal to more people!

The small wooden device works by inserting a customized ice-pack or freshener in between the two handcrafted wooden blocks. The 360° air flow with a distance of up to 1.20 meters will keep you cool or gently freshen the air in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

5. Imperfectly Perfect Soap

UMM Skincare’s Imperfectly Perfect Soap is 100% natural for a guilt-free pampering promo product. The special blend of essential oils, shea butter, raw goat’s milk, and turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties while providing deep moisturization. It’s also free from toxins, parabens, harmful chemicals, fillers, artificial fragrances or colors, and not tested on animals.

6. AirPower Wireless Charging Catch-All

The best swag products not only look cool and promote your brand, but also make your consumers’ life easier. And if they are vegan and wireless, then even better, right? The vegan leather decor piece combines a key caddy, wallet holder, or general “catch-all” with a wireless charging mat. It keeps all your essentials in one place and charges your devices at the same time. 

7. LastBag // Original

LastBag is the design that kick-started the whole “bag for life” trend. They are simple, durable, and reusable but they are also a great logo canvas. They are made from one sheet of industrial vinyl that is tear-proof, water-proof, and incredible hard-wearing. Not only will the bag last for life but so will your promo! 

8. Lexon OBLIO Charging Station and UV Sanitizer

Could there be a more appropriate swag item for a pandemic? The Oblio by Lexon is a 2-in-1 Charging Station and UV Sanitizer that looks like a vase. It discreetly and wirelessly charges and cleans Qi-enabled smartphones. It can fully charge a phone in about 3 hours and kills up to 99.9% of bacterias most commonly found on smartphone displays.

9. MINA M LED Lamp

The MINA M LED Lamp is more than a cute desk decoration. Fully charged, Mina M has up to 24h of battery life so you can light up your desk into the wee hours of the morning without using extra electricity. It features a dimmer, 9 LED colors, is push-activated, rechargeable, and is IPX4 water-resistant making it ideal for almost any work environment.

10. Recycled Glasses – Set of 4

Despite glass being 100% recyclable, very little of it actually gets repurposed. In fact, only one-third of the 10 million metric tons of glass Americans throw in the trash annually gets recycled. These stylish swag glasses are created from wine bottles collected from bars and restaurants. The recycling process sees the glass melted down to create a smooth, rounded rim and every glass inspected to ensure the highest quality and durability.

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