Yoga literally changed my life. I wasn’t always into yoga, you see it took me years to discover the beauty of slowing down.

After spending nearly the first 10 years of my career in the grind that is Silicon Valley I discovered yoga during a seemingly never-ending depression.

When yoga found me; the practice taught me the importance of intentionally breathing and how a moving meditation can counterbalance any negative forces in life.

I could go on and on about how yoga changed my life (and if you’re interested check out my “Soul Seekr” project), but for now, let’s move on 😉

I first started SwagWorx back in 2010 as an idea and back then it was known as “CHICO FEET” (more on that here) but over the years the business has transformed and we’ve become known in Silicon Valley as the go-to source for creative & quality branded merchandise that not only resonates with your demographic but enhances an active and mindful lifestyle through useful products.


I’ve always been inspired by Tom’s shoes 1 for 1 model and I’m excited to announce that SwagWorx has partnered with the “Yoga for All Movement” to give back a portion of our profits every single month so that ANYONE can benefit from Yoga!

Yoga for All Movement (YFAM) utilizes yoga as a vehicle for impact and systemic change! If you believe in the power of yoga and mindfulness and that it should be accessible to and equitable for all people, then you are aligned with the Yoga for All Movement!

We are so proud to partner with YFAM as their mission is to bring yoga to individuals in recovery from substance abuse, youth in schools, survivors of domestic violence, seniors. Low-income individuals and other community members have historically not been served by the yoga industry.

To learn more about the Yoga for All Movement (or to make a donation directly to them), check out their website

AND remember if you choose to work with SwagWorx, not only will you receive top-notch customer service coupled with quality branded merch but you’ll be supporting the Yoga for All Movement through our giveback program 🙂

To a Better World Our Hearts Know is Possible,