These days it seems everyone is looking for a solution on how to distribute their swag to clients, employees, fans, and just about anyone else that wants to rock your brand!

Previously, creating an “Online Store” (e-commerce site with pre-approved swag based on your brand guidelines) was tricky and complex. One of the main reasons for this was dealing with minimums, set-ups, and most of all the exorbitant costs of warehousing and fulfilment. 

Well, you might be pleased to know, our team has been hard at work on how best to solve this for you and we’d like to introduce you to “SwagStores by SwagWorx”.

Swag Made Easy

It’s been our goal from day 1 to make ordering swag a breeze by providing high-quality items that speak to your demographic. This core philosophy of SwagWorx will never waiver and in the spirit of offering a “feel-good shopping experience,” we wanted to address the issue of online stores to provide a unique experience that caters to your needs.

Our basic SwagStores are easy to set up, simple for you to use, and efficient in the customer experience from ordering to invoicing. 

Keep in mind as you read this post, that this is our basic SwagStore.

If you have more specific needs, we still offer our higher-end stores which include:

  • Broader Selection of Items
  • More Branding Flexibility, and
  • Order Approval & Pre-Approved Purchaser Capabilities

How it Works

Our basic SwagStores can literally be set-up within a week. 

Here’s what we need to get started:

  • Your Choice of Items (based on a catalog we’ll send you to choose from)
  • Your Artwork (so we can upload mock-ups for your store)

That’s it … pretty simple, right?!

After we have this information from you, we’ll start creating the mock-ups and will send you a first draft of your store within a week!


The process of ordering is seamless. All you’ll need to do is bookmark your SwagStore link that we send to you (or if you want to take it to the next level we can create a custom URL for you such as “” which will take your users directly to your SwagStore.


When you’re on your store site, you can use the top menu bar to show the items you are most interested in by selecting the category (i.e. chargers, bags, lifestyle, etc.). Once you click the category, the store will feature only the items that represent your chosen category.

Checking out is as simple as clicking on your chosen product (which already features the mock-up with your artwork), entering your desired quantity, and heading to the checkout page to enter your individual bill to and ship to information.


If you’ve worked with us in the past, you know that sending proofs is a big practice of ours and we ensure that your proof is exactly how you’d like the product to look. Well, the nice thing about our basic SwagStores is all the items on your site are pre-approved by you with the mock-up already on it so we can bypass sending a proof. This makes the customer experience more efficient – especially if you’re planning on opening up the store to give employees access to buy items for themselves and/or let sales reps buy items to send to prospects and clients.

Test Drive

After you check out, you’ll receive an email confirmation and on our end, we’ll get a notification that alerts us of your order so we can put it into production for you!

From here the final stage is just sending you the tracking information and invoice! 

Okay, it all sounds great in theory … but how does it look? 

Well, we built a basic sample store for you to try! 

Just click the link here and please feel free to walk yourself through the entire process and check out! This link is our sample store, so don’t worry, our team knows not to process any of these orders.

There’s literally no reason not to give this a test drive with us 🙂

To get started, please email us at Create@SwagWorx – simply write “SwagStores” in the subject and we’ll get you taken care of!

We look forward to talking with you soon 🙂

To Online Stores Made Easy,
Sam AKA SwagSam


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