This year at the PPAI Expo (the largest “SwagShow” of the year), I was fortunate enough to reconnect with old friends in the industry and see some of the latest and greatest promotional products for 2024. In this article, I’m going to share with you our 3 favorite product categories within the branded merchandise industry for 2024!

#1: RUPT

First up, we have Rupt. Many of you may be familiar with Origaudio, a company I’ve been showing to our clients since they first launched. Well the founder of Origaudio sold their company a few years back and now they just launched their new company called RUPT – short for Disrupt. When Jason & Mike, the founders, entered our industry around 13 or so years ago, their mission was to disrupt the industry and they did just that with one piece minimums, no set-ups and amazing decoration methods.

With Rupt, the gents are taking it to the next level! The top 3 reasons you need to know about Rupt are that they have second life packaging, products made from recyclable materials and most of all they have distribution and decoration on 3 continents!

Let’s break this down, shall we?

  • Second Life Packaging: The unique packaging allows what’s storing your precious swag to live on as items such as a night light, a spice rack, a desk clock, a greenhouse and even a bird feeder. You have to see it to believe it! (Email us for a complimentary sample)
  • Recyclable Materials: The products are as green as it gets which includes being carbon neutral! They are so transparent, that you can see the design build on their website including all of the materials that goes into it.
  • Distribution:  Arguably the biggest reason to choose Rupt is for their well distributed fulfillment centers that carry inventory and print on demand. This means no more global processing charges, high shipping costs, tariffs and commitments to high order volumes.

Rupt is simply changing the game. Email us for more information (

#2: RIPL

Next up, we have another supplier we work with that starts with an “R” that deserves your attention and that is none other than RIPPL! These bottles aren’t just beautiful, the company is on a mission to clean up the plastic that litters our oceans.

I had no idea until I heard this from RIPL, but one garbage truck of plastic is discarded in the oceans every single minute! The purchase of a single RIPL bottle goes to employ locals in Bali to collect plastic from beaches which helps the poverty issue within the island as well as goes to clean up our shores.

Email us ( for more information about RIPL.

#3: 100% Custom Shoes

Honestly, these were some of the coolest things I saw at the Expo. From custom air force 1 inspired kicks to classic vans and converse, Sock101 has your back in getting some cool designs on your feet!

We can do these at just one unit!

So, whether you’d want to surprise a co-worker with a random act of kindness or show appreciation to your staff with dope sneakers, you can get it done with Sock101!

I mean just look at these pics below, how cool are these?!

There are always so many cool products and it’s a tough assignment to choose just a few. Here’s another we loved, it’s called the “Molecule”. It’s a puzzle for your desk to ignite your mind and stimulate your creativity!

The options for cool and sustainably sourced swag in 2024 are seemingly endless and if you’re ready to start a project email us at

Swag On,


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