Every year in January we set out to make new resolutions declarations. For many these goals are fitness and weight based, for others it’s relationship based, for many it’s business based and for a select few of us it’s finding the best promotional products (Swag) for our customers.

January is a month for those of us in the Swag industry that means Las Vegas. So, good luck keeping up with those healthy diet restrictions we promised because come week 2 in January our industry meets for the largest “Swag Show” of the year at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Truthfully, it’s not all fun and games though. We network with the brightest minds, learn in the education classes and the Expo floor is full of the best Swag you’ve ever seen… I mean c’mon it’s the trade show for promotional products. We spare no expenses.

So, now is the time I’m going to reveal just a few of my favorite new products for 2020. Keep in mind that we’re an industry with nearly a million items in the “catalog” and we do many items from scratch that can’t be found in a catalog, so these are just a select few products to get you excited for what’s to come in 2020!

This year I’m breaking up the new products into categories and here is the first…

But, before we get into the products I want to remind you that the best way to learn more about these or any other Swag items is to email me directly at Sam@SwagWorx.com or visit our website at SwagWorx.com 😉

One more thing… check out this “booth”. Numo, the factory that is behind the classic Coolies (AKA koozies) turned what is normally a booth into a full on house! In the space they showed branded merch where it would live in one’s home. This was truly the show stopper and talk of the show! For all of the amazing AND USA made items from Numo – click here (and remember to hit me up for FREE samples). For pics of the inside of the house scroll to the bottom of this blog post.

Showstopper Award: Dip Trip Vehicle Sauce Holder

This is the product that turns heads, that gets people talking and frankly could be compared to year’s past items like selfie sticks, fidget spinners and well, you get the idea. Good or bad, love it or hate it; the showstopper represents products that will drive traffic to your booth!

Admittedly:  at first glance, I strongly disliked this product. Here’s where I was coming from… I had literally just got out of a nutrition class from Alchemy in Santa Cruz, CA and the instructor was talking about how we need to start eating without our technology… no cell phone in hand and no TV in front of our faces. This message resonates with me because I’m a fast chewer and I feel like I’m always multitasking while I’m eating. I need to slow down and be present in general – eating seems like an easy way to be more present. THEN later that day I opened my email and saw one of my favorite suppliers, Origaudio, highlighting this totally unnecessary product.

The dip trip is simply a sauce holder that conveniently fits right into your air vent. How genius. Let’s not text and drive, but let’s endorse eating and dipping. You can tell from my sarcasm that personally I won’t be using this product. HOWEVER, I do see a market for this. Just because I wouldn’t use it doesn’t mean the masses won’t. Not only that, but Dip Trip was the talk of the show before the show even started and it continued to be the talk of the show throughout the 3 day event highlighting the best of what the Swag industry has to offer.

If this little sauce holder is the talk of our show, it’ll surely be the talk of your next event and ultimately… drive traffic to your booth!

If you want more information or samples of the Dip Trip, be sure to hit me up: Sam@SwagWorx.com.

BTW, I can hook this up for as low as 150 units at just $3 ea – talk about an inexpensive investment in your business. 

Runner Up: Crumbee Desktop Vacuum

Next up we have another product from my friends at Origaudio and we’re staying consistent with the theme of eating and while you do something (great)… the desktop vacuum! Truthfully this little dude can do more than just vacuum up crumbs… really any mess on your desk!

The price point of around $13 ea at 100 units is a bit higher for a trade show giveaway, however, think New Hire Kits. Not that we want to encourage our new employees to eat at our desks (but, let’s be honest). This is just one of those products that instantly gets a smile from even the most curmudgeon person. Don’t we all just want to brighten up someone’s day anyway?

Whether you liked, loved or maybe didn’t think much of either of these items – we want to know! Reach out to us with your next Swag project and challenge us (Create@SwagWorx.com). Be sure to stay in touch as well because we’ll be highlighting more products from the 2020 Swag Show in the next blog!

Swag On,



P.S. Here are some pictures from inside the Numo House (booth)…


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