study shows how swag works
Learn how swag works based on promotional products industry study

One of my favorite quotes about how swag works is …

Swag is the only advertising medium in which someone will say thank you after interacting with it.

Think about it …

You see an ad on YouTube – what do you do?

You likely press “skip ad” as soon as those 5-15 seconds of forcing you to watch the video is complete.

As you may know I’m an avid podcast listener; one of my favorite podcasts is the Joe Rogan show. But, I’ll tell you something – I always fast forward the first 5 minutes because it’s all advertisements!

Our attention spans are less than that of a goldfish (per a Microsoft study a couple years back). We are bombarded by messages all throughout our day; whether it be ads or just text messages, emails and what feels like a million notifications to your phone.

What is a savvy marketer to do these days to get their message out to the world?

HINT: Use Swag because it works and here is the proof to back it up…

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) recently published a study to show the exact sentiment behind my proclamation that “Swag Works”. You can find the study here, but be warned it’s 32 pages – keep reading to see some of the highlights.

how promotional product work

baby boomers how effective swag products are

Are you surprised by what you’re reading yet? Truthfully, I’m a bit surprised!

I’m a millennial and I have far more than 30 promotional products in my house, but hey I sell swag so I should practice what I preach right?!

I also give out a ton of swag to my friends, so I’m sure they have a lot too. Think about how many different items you must own to have at least 30 pieces of Swag.

Morning Routine

You might have your favorite branded mug that you use for your morning coffee.

Gym Routine

Maybe you have a rally towel that accompanies you for your morning workout that brings back memories of a game you attended.

Evening Routine

Or maybe when you’re winding down for the day, you use a branded corkscrew to open a bottle of wine and you take a look at the glass and you see your wine glass that you received from a local wine walk (branded as well, of course).

Start taking a look around you, I imagine you have more swag in your daily routine than you might realize.

If you’re ready to take action and get some slick swag to represent your brand, then go ahead and hit me up –


I only represent quality swag, so if you want cheap items that are gonna break then go elsewhere because I don’t let my clients waste their money! It’s more important to get quality items even if it means lowering your quantity so that we can stay within your budget.

Remember, the swag you choose represents you and your brand. You care about how your brand is perceived, don’t you?

Here are a few more Swag Stats to consider before you move on with your day…
  • 63% of consumers keep their promo T-shirts for over a year, with 47% keeping them for 2 years and longer
  • Millennials report owning 5 promo T-shirts
  • 78% of consumers own promotional Drinkware
  • 70% of consumers keep their promo outerwear for a year or longer

Study Demonstrating the value and effectiveness of promotional products to consumers

Oh, you’re still here? Glad to have made a friend 🙂 Let’s chat, you can reach me directly at 408.220.6029.

Swag On,


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