Using Promotional Products To Advertise Your Business – Start with the End in Mind

Before we begin, I’d like to start with a challenge: What other form of advertising brings as much happiness as Swag does?

Think about it… promotional products are the one form of advertising where when the recipient interacts with it, they say “Thank You”.

  • So, how do you have success with swag anyway?
What is Success with Swag(ger)?

I intentionally choose to use the word Swag when referring to promotional products because it represents confidence and being bold. Swagger is the actionable version of swag. While swag is looked to as something that is cool, swagger inspires and ultimately when your brand has swag (and swagger) it will resonate with your tribe.

The first step to making swag work for you is to Start with the END in Mind.

Whatever it is I do, I always reverse engineer the process and start with the end in mind. You need to know where you’ve been in able to know where you are going to go. But how can you move forward without knowing the ultimate goal?


All great goals have an end. Why in business would we put our energy, efforts, and dollars into something without having a goal?
Swag is no different.

If we want to have swag that resonates with people and that makes them think of your brand, we’ll need to start with the end in mind. If you want to make Swag work for you, then we’ll need to know what a successful Swag campaign looks like from the beginning.

  • Do you want people to see your brand daily? Some would refer to this as brand recognition.
  • How do you want people to feel when they see your brand? Going cheap and “putting your logo” on just anything will jeopardize your brand integrity.
  • What actions and outcomes do you expect as a result from your Swag?

These are just a few of the type of questions we’ll need to ask ourselves when starting your Swag campaign. So, I ask you – how will you make Swag Work for you?

Swag works for our clients because we put the time and energy into identifying the end before beginning.

Ready to make swag work for you? Contact us today to get started!

Swag On,


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