Arby’s & Subscription Boxes

I know what you’re thinking, “what the heck does Arby’s have to do with Swag?”

Well, Arby’s is quietly crushing it!

Arby’s is pretty well known for their fast food sandwiches and commercials that usually end in “We have the meats”.

Whether, you’re a vegetarian, vegan, on a paleo diet or any other dietary preferences you may follow – you are likely familiar with the Arby’s brand.

Here’s what you might not have known…

Arby’s launched a Swag based subscription box and it SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!

In other words, a fast food company created a program for customers to pay to receive swag monthly … and people are waiting in line to join the program to pay for their Swag because Arby’s sold all the available spots in just an hour!

arbys subscription box

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a subscription box service I think of “Dollar Shave Club” or my girlfriend’s preferred service called Ipsy (make-up). What I don’t think of is paying a monthly fee to receive promotional products from your favorite brand… and I’m a Swag guy!

If Arby’s can crush it with a subscription box, then so can your brand! I don’t mean to bash on Arby’s – that’s not the point here. I have nothing against Arby’s. But, let’s be real – would you really think that a fast food joint could have so much brand loyalty that their customers would want to pay a monthly fee for branded fast food merch?

Here’s the truth

Hint: It’s not about Arby’s the brand. It’s about the Swag!

Take a look at the picture accompanying this post. I see a quality, cleverly designed beanie with snowflakes complete with a pom pom top. That’s a quality item right! It’s not just some cheap beanie with a one color boring logo.

Here’s what else came in the box in addition to the beanie:
  • Scarf with bacon artwork (are you kidding, how cool is that given how much people love their bacon!)
  • Arby’s dining tray (ok, whatever – not that cool. WRONG, it doubles as a sled completing the winter theme of the box!)
  • Set of temporary sandwich tattoo’s (because who isn’t a kid at heart)

All of this for $25.

But, wait there’s more!

The one-time $25 fee gave Arby’s fans six month’s of Arby’s branded boxes. Although we have only seen one box so far; Arby’s has informed their initial base of subscribers that each month would be themed to the current season. Not only that, but Arby’s is sprinkling in a few sandwich-inspired items to keep you thinking about the Arby’s brand without even knowing it.

What Arby’s has successfully done is CHANGE THE CONVERSATION.

Changing the Conversation

Whether you sell food, data storage, health care plans, agricultural items, or anything! You don’t have to be playing in that space all the item. When you choose quality and desirable swag items to represent your brand, you can create raving fans.

The facts back this up. Per a study by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), 83% of recipients like receiving Swag. Not only that, but 81% of recipients keep swag for more than a year. Finally, the top 3 reasons why people keep swag is if it’s fun, functional and trendy.

So, I challenge you… How will you change the way you choose your Swag to represent your brand?

Will you use your marketing dollars for quality items?
Will you work with a swag provider (like SwagWorx) to create a campaign that will inspire your fans to go as far as paying for swag because the items are so legit?!

If you’re ready to take action and make swag work for you, then let’s chat. Call me directly at 408.220.6029 or email me

Swag On,

P.S. for more info on the Arby’s project, click here or click here to sign up to be notified when Arby’s opens up the subscription box service again!

Arby's swag products


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