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What are promotional products? So glad you asked…

Promotional Products (AKA Swag) are products used for branding and advertising purposes. Whether it’s a t-shirt you bought at a concert, that new coffee mug you’ve been eyeing at Starbucks, or a gift that just happens to be branded any and all of these things are unique promotional giveaways.

Every business uses a form of promotional products. In other words, every business needs swag.

At the bare minimum you have business cards, don’t you? Well, those are actually consider promotional products. Trade Shows are a common place you will see a ton of Swag, so as you continue reading, I’ll share the 3 levels of trade show Swag.

3 Levels of Trade Show Swag

Have you heard of the good, better, and best concept?

Basically, when I show clothing to my clients I’ll present options in a good, better and best format. If you didn’t catch on yet, it just means least expensive, reasonable cost, high-end.

I like to apply this same strategy for trade shows…


promo items for trade showsI call to call these “value picks”.

You can think of them as items like:

  • Stickers
  • Sticky Wallets
  • Pens
  • Cleaning Cloths

Basically, something inexpensive that you can have all over your table for those “trick or treaters” that seem to always appear at every event. (We’ve all worked a table before and know that there’s a handful of people that come to your booth just get something free… don’t spend too much money here).


convention show giveaways

I like to use my better items for the people that stop by my booth and engage in conversation. This isn’t to say that I am confident I will be doing business with them, but there’s a shot. Items you could use here are in the $5 – 10 each range and could be t-shirts, PopSockets, etc.



These are the items that you only keep 5 at most on the table. It’s the bright shiny object. ou keep these below the table because you really aren’t trying to give them away. These aren’t so much as a giveaway but it’s more of an investment in a future conversation.

Have you ever had someone write their cell phone # on the back of their business card when they gave it to you? It made you feel special right? It’s that type of feeling we’re wanting to invoke when gifting these Swag items.

trade show promotions






Well, there it is… I hope you found these swag ideas valuable. I’d be happy to jump on a call with you to “Brand-Storm” your swag campaign.

Email me at or get your swag today.

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