A Believer in The Power of a Brand

Previously ValueBP Marketing, SwagWorx was founded by Silicon Valley native, Sam Kabert, otherwise known as “SwagSam.” The nickname derived from more than a decade of experience in the promotional products industry.

He prides himself as the No.1 Swagspert and is a believer in the power of a brand. His number one mission is to provide high-quality goods that all recipients appreciate.

Your Go To Silicon Valley Podcast

Growing up in the hustle and grind of the Bay Area, Sam knows the ins and outs of making it as thriving business. As the founder of the WhatUp Silicon Valley podcast network, he brings his professional expertise, personal experience, and social savvy to every listener. His network hosts multiple podcasts such as The Sam and Serg Show, Mojo Mondays, Sweet Home Silicon Valley, That Valley Vibe and most recently Dating Silicon Valley.

WhatUp Silicon Valley brings you the latest, hottest, & the most on-point South Bay news in business, sports, networking, and innovation.

All podcasts approach Silicon Valley scene from a different angle – and there’s definitely going to be something for everyone.



You can catch Sam in the community partnering and working with Silicon Valley’s startups, sports teams and seasoned entrepreneurs. He believes in the value of immersing himself into the community as a friend, consultant and resource for the Bay Area. You will see him out and about as he continues to make connections in every industry.

SwagWorx is Sam’s side of his parent’s family business, Value Business Products. With the help of SwagWorx, your company can have the highest performing ROI swag items to represent your brand.

For all of your swag, podcast and marketing needs, SwagSam is your guy. You can reach Sam at Sam@SwagWorx.com for all of your swag needs, podcast inquiries, and anything else you would want to chat about!