2019 is the year to invest in “Butter” shirts! Every year, the Swag industry sees new trends.

In recent years we’ve seen the awful trends of fidget spinners and selfie sticks among other similar products. These items took off like wildfire! Personally, I was never a fan and am proud to say our company was successful in persuading our clients into more useful merchandise to help their brand stand out!

You see the thing about Swag (and really retail in general) is that when a new product hits the market and is seen as the the trending item – everyone wants one! Often times we don’t think about how these items represent our brands tho. We get caught up in the moment and keeping up with the Jones’ so much so that we forget why we even need Swag in the first place.

Remember, Swag works best when you choose quality items that represent your brand that people will use in their daily life.

SO, this brings me to our “Butter” shirts!

The t-shirt is one of the most common and successful Swag items of all times and for good reason too!
Have you ever been to an NBA game or even an NHL game? How many times have you seen a stadium full of people yelling at the top of their lungs just to receive a t-shirt?

There’s no question the power of a branded t-shirt.

In corporate settings, we have seen the trend for past 5-10 years of clients moving to fashionable brands like American Apparel, Bella Canvas, Next Level amongst others. It’s become extremely rare that you go to a conference and the shirt you receive is boxy, stiff, and just not retail inspired. All the shirts of recent years usually are quite fashionable and something you will wear time and time again.

Now, that we’re on the same page – let’s dive into why butter is better…

BUTTER shirts accelerates the softness of a garment 20x in a single wash! The best butter shirts begin with either a cotton/poly or tri-blend t-shirt.

Step 1: Choose Cotton/Poly or Tri-Blend

Step 2: Let us help with some creative mockups

Step 3: We print your shirts

Step 4: We wash your shirts. This is where the magic happens. The magic happens after printing when we wash your shirts with our proprietary butter washing technology!

AND no it’s not actually butter 🙂

I can go on and on about the softness of our butter shirts, but you really have to feel it for yourself to believe it. So, if you want to know more – then go ahead and send me an email to get a FREE sample (Sam@SwagWorx.com).

You butter believe you’re gonna love these shirts!

As always, hit me up anytime to “brand-storm” how we can make Swag Work for your business!

Swag On,


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