How To Be Compliant With Prop 65 Using Swag
What is Prop 65 Anyway?

Prop 65 warnings are everywhere. Whether you’ve noticed a new warning label at your favorite coffee shop, somewhere in your office, or even while out shopping for new clothing  – you’ve likely already seen a Prop 65 warning. It’s literally everywhere in California; and has been since August 30th, 2018 when the prop went into full effect. Although the truth is; do any of us really understand what Prop 65 is and how it will effect us?

So, what does all of this actually mean?

The good news is that the products haven’t changed. See, there’s a lot of confusion because many people are seeing warnings on items that may cause cancer. That’s scary stuff, there’s no denying that.

However, in the world we live in today almost anything can cause cancer. So, rest assured that the items are just as good as they always were; it’s just now you are seeing labels on certain items that could cause cancer just so that you are better informed. The next logical question would be what is in the items that could potentially cause cancer? Well, glad you asked… here’s a full list of 900 chemicals that are used in common items which could cause cancer.

Prop 65 is something you might want to think about when ordering Swag too. Not all items within the Swag industry will come with a Prop 65 warning, just those items that use one of the 900 chemicals referenced above. You may be wondering how the warning will appear. Often times it’s as a label. Feel free to reach out to your Swag provider at any point in the decision making process to get actual pictures of what the items look like with the Prop 65 warnings.

Word of Caution
Technically speaking, warning labels only need to be on items that are going to be distributed in California. But, be careful…
If you’re ordering Swag that you’ll be giving out in any other state besides CA it doesn’t just mean you can ignore this prop. Unfortunately, if you get items drop shipped and distribute to a state other than California, then at some point in time make it out to California and distribute said items then that is against the proposition. So, be warned – if you think you may be distributing your items at California at any point then please make sure to let your swag provider know so we can get the warning labels applied on your precious swag!

For any other questions and information about Prop 65, check out this link to learn more!

Swag works for our clients because we keep a close eye on the latest trends but more importantly the latest safety concerns.

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P.S. The regulations and specific details of Prop 65 have changed multiple times, so please be sure to look up the most recent updates and/or ask your swag provider for help!


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