Storytelling is an essential part of marketing strategy. Learning how to implement storytelling that inspires and motivates action is what will set your company apart. I wanted to introduce you to some of the greatest storytellers in the industry and walk you through their process.

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A legend in the promotional industry, Bobby Lehew, Chief Content Officer at commonsku, probes through the importance of storytelling in marketing. Taking inspiration from his literary obsession, Lehew creates highly acknowledged presentations which now pushes him beyond the swag business, and into marketing courses and workshops across the nation.


  • Lehew finds parallelism within the works of movie industry icons Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, and the advertising business. Using the common literary device known as monomyth, Lehew discovers that the hero’s journey applies to more than just stories.
  • With the customer as the hero, and the marketing company as the mentor, Lehew describes the relationship as that of Luke and Yoda from Star Wars; marketers have to hand the customer the lightsaber solution so that they may overcome their business’s promotional challenges.
  • Lehew defines promotional services as an emotional transaction, building more than just relationships, but creating the emotional bonds between the product and individual.
  • Lehew finds that swag is not defined by its physical components, but by the emotions they can evoke. He attests that for this reason, being in the swag business is just as rewarding as receiving swag.

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