Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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I’m seeking treatment
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Treatment Programs Delivered With Compassion

The accredited drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs at all of our addiction recovery campuses combine the latest research on substance use disorders and evidence-based best practices with our different principles developed over many years of experience. With every patient, we provide individualized planning coupled with supportive, compassionate and respectful care. Whether you are part of our residential, in-patient program or our intensive outpatient treatment program, it’s our exemplary level of care that sets us apart from other rehab providers.

Out-of-Towners Welcome

We offer confidential, convenient and comfortable transportation
services from local airports to our facilities.

The Time Is Now To Start Your

Recovery Journey!

Today is the day that you start your journey or help a loved one start theirs. Don’t let another day of pain, frustration, and fear of detox keep you from making the right call. We are here and ready to help no matter day or night. From the very first call, we care about YOU!

Our Mission & Priorities

All of our Addiction Recovery Centers are industry leaders in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Not only do our medically, trained clinicians used evidence-based treatment programs at each of our campuses, but we also provide it through a discreet, confidential residential treatment program for alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

Our mission is to provide every patient with a committed and compassionate professional to work with them to develop an individualized, and science-based treatment plan specific to their needs and dependent upon the type and degree of their addiction. With a firm dedication to deliver only the best and most comprehensive recovery program possible, we also make each patient’s ability visualize and work towards a healthy, happy, alcohol or opiate free life our top priority.

Flexibility & Confidentiality Matter

At our Addiction Recovery Centers, we offer one-on-one, private and personal counseling sessions which are individually tailored based on your treatment plan. You can rest assured that your personal information will be kept confidential. Only those whom you wish to inform about your treatment will be aware that you are working to achieve recovery and a life of sobriety.

One-on-one counseling sessions are conducted in person, over the phone, or via Skype, however, it is most convenient for YOU. Counseling sessions are arranged between the patient and his or her personal counselor based on their treatment objectives and to fit their schedule.