Time for some real talk. Our planet is saturated with junk. So much junk that sometimes I feel bad about my role in contributing to more waste. If you didn’t already know, I create and sell branded merchandise (AKA Swag) to large companies in Silicon Valley and around the United States. Hence the “SwagSam” brand.

Making a Stand

I’m not contributing more unnecessary waste to our planet. Let’s be real, there is a ton of just straight up junk in the Swag industry. But, it’s not just in our industry – it’s in the marketplace in general.

It’s for this reason that when my clients emailed me a few years back to buy fidget spinners, I would call (yes, you read that write – I would call them) to explain the dangers of kids choking on the bearings and other reasons why my company, SwagWorx.com, would not sell fidget spinners. Luckily, I never talked myself out of a sale as I’d offer alternative product suggestions that would actually have a long “life time”; but that’s besides the point.

The point of this article is that we all need to be mindful about our purchases. I’ve been trying very hard in recent years to not buy more than I need, not order more food than I am going to eat and to do all the little things that will collectively add up.

Enter the Best Eco Shirts EVER.

I just got back from Hawaii and I splurged big time on branded merchandise. I took the role of the consumer rather than the creator and bought some sick branded t-shirts by Allmade (an eco t-shirt manufacturer in the Swag industry) while at Maui Brewing Company.

What initially caught my eye was the design. I’m generally curious to see the Swag that breweries create, so I took a closer look at this shirt you’re seeing below (while at the brewery) and noticed the Allmade logo on the inside neck label.

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I’ve seen Allmade at the Swag shows in recent years but honestly I haven’t done my due-diligence to really look into the brand as much as I wished I had previously.

After seeing the Allmade label on the inside neck of the shirt, I ran my hand across the shirt and pulled it as if to do a test to check out the material. I was sold right then and there. I wore the shirt the next day all day and it instantly became my favorite shirt for the fit!

Later on in the trip, I visited Maui Brewing Company’s other location and bought another Allmade shirt. Seriously, I’m not kidding – these shirts are amazing!

3 Reasons Why I LOVE Allmade T-Shirts

1) Economic Impact: I recommend checking out this page on Allmade’s website to see just how these shirts are doing their part in creating less waste in the world. Not only have they built a calculator to show you the exact savings for each shirt purchased, but you’ll see how Allmade has saved over 49,000 of gallons of water as a result of their materials sourced and process in manufacturing t-shirts.

2) The fit:The Allmade brand shirts are made from 50% “repreve” which is a recycled performance fiber that gives the shirt a great fit while using mindful materials. The other 50% of the shirt is made from 25% organic cotton and 25% tencel.

So, I know you’re asking “what the heck is tencel?” Tencel is similar to rayon which is one of the main materials in those tri-blend shirts in your drawer that you love so much. Tencel is made from naturally grown beach wood which seems crazy on the surface as a shirt material, but it really does play a huge role in these Allmade shirts having such a soft fit!

3) The price: This is seriously the best part, guys! There’s absolutely no reason to not buy Allmade shirts because they are in a similar price point to those Next Level shirts you’re already requesting!

FREE Samples

Hit me up for samples (Sam@SwagWorx.com). Be warned though, I’m not a bank so I can’t just ship out free samples if you don’t have any intention of buying these shirts in bulk with your logo 😉 …

but if you’re serious about making a difference in this world and starting buy just looking at the things you purchase, then please do send me a note or drop a comment.

Moving forward, I’ll be eliminating more and more of the products SwagWorx will sell as I continue this journey in mindfully creating Swag.

The only question is… will you join me in this journey?



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