For a long time I’ve had everything backwards. In 2012, I joined my family’s business (Value Business Products) and one of the first things I did was lead the charge in our re-branding. After working with a big fancy branding agency out in Denver, CO – we decided to center the re-brand of this 32 year old company around the philosophy and tagline “work is good”. The basic concept was that we’re an office supply company; our clients are mostly admins and office managers. The persona of our “tribe” (if you will) is largely made up of “Super Moms” and all around supportive and grounded individuals that can (and do) inspire peace in environments that can often times seem quite chaotic. In other words, our clients are hero’s.

“Work is Good”

My basic view was that the majority of our waking hours are spent at the office so we’d better enjoy our careers because if we don’t enjoy the work we do that’ll carry over to our personal life. Our belief is that if we can do just one simple thing to bring a smile and happiness to people’s life in the workplace then hopefully that will translate to their (your) personal life.

Mojo Monday’s

On Monday January 1st, 2018 I launched a new podcast called “Mojo Monday’s”. The concept was taking the “work is good” philosophy to the next stage in its evolution. I believe if you have a good great Monday that you can carry this positive energy to have a great week, month, quarter, year and in turn a GREAT life!

Here’s what I didn’t get until recently… it’s not about the workplace. I had it backwards the whole time. It all starts with your personal life. I was too consumed with work and building my career that it wasn’t until approaching 31 years old that I had the revelation that we must find happiness in our personal lives to truly find happiness in the workplace.

With all of this said, I’d like to introduce you to my latest journey. The real first time any of my content extends pass the workplace. This is all about self discovery, personal journey and soul searching.

Let the foundation begin with the 2 blog posts below.

Oh, Ayahuasca (Aya) how I love thee.

What is Ayahuasca?

The easiest way to describe Aya is that it’s a plant medicine from the Amazon that is used for healing and soul searching. In this 5 part series below, I cover just exactly what Ayahuasca is, why people use Ayahuasca and give you a first hand inside look at my personal journey with Mother Aya.

If Ayahuasca or any of this deeply interests you, then I’d love to chat more by phone or if you’re local grab an Acai bowl and talk more 🙂

You can reach me here: Sam@SwagWorx.com.