Swag AKA branded merchandise, AKA promotional products, AKA cool items that people like to receive works when you choose thoughtful items that represent your company.

Whether your company is looking for branded t-shirts, bottles, eco items like the trend of straws (and more) – we can help!

Check out this quick presentation link with just a few of our branded company items! These are some of our favorite swag items in 2020.

Keep in mind though, we have over 800,000 items in the “catalog” and do custom sourcing overseas as well.
SO, with that in mind – hit us up at Create@SwagWorx.com to start a project 🙂

-Sam AKA SwagSam

P.S. Before I let you go, I want give you a few more thoughts on how to make Swag WORK for your business!

  1. Do not buy cheap products
  2. Cheap products cheapen your brand
  3. Cheap products create more waste in the world
  4. Do buy quality items
  5. If you need to stretch your budget to buy quality promotional products, then either get less qty of each item or get less types of items
  6. SwagWorx when you are thoughtful, intentional and have continuity between your Swag and your brand.
  7. Use the 3 tier approach (link here) to make Swag at events work for your company.

If you want custom ideas on how to make your Swag project work for your company, then be sure to hit us up by email (Create@SwagWorx.com).


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